Drag and Drop Caller Journey

When a call is made to your business, it is helpful to utilize interactive voice response software (IVR) to direct them to the appropriate party. Automating your greetings when customers call in will benefit your business in many ways. With our phone systems, you can utilize the Drag and Drop Caller Journey feature to direct calls to the right department.

DYL provides businesses with sales automation tools that are closely integrated with their phone systems. Sales teams can spend more time speaking with their leads rather than managing them. Instead of losing time scheduling follow-ups, sales people can focus on gaining another customer. Here is a look at the Drag and Drop Caller Journey feature and how it improves business efficiency.

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Inbound Call Journey Map

The inbound map allows your business to plan the greetings your customers are met with when they call in. For many enterprises, there are many different departments a caller may be trying to reach. You can create a map that connects options the callers have to the appropriate departments. This is an automated process that won't require anybody to manually answer and direct calls.

Drag and Drop Journey Map Feature

Drag and drop has been improving IVR for many businesses. Users can set a list of commands and drag connecting links between those actions. When a customer calls, they will be provided with an automated greeting that lists different options for their call. The caller can then pick the category that fits their needs and get connected with a representative in that department.

Your business gets complete control over the IVR journey and an easy interface to control the connections. From basic language selections to account inquiry, your customer can easily use these commands to accomplish their goals. Meanwhile, your employees can spend less time on the phones and your customers spend less time on hold.

Plan Call Journeys With DYL

No matter what industry, your business can benefit from using DYL phone systems. We integrate sales automation tools with your phone to give you more success with your sales calls. Our features will give your customers a smooth experience when contacting your business. If you'd like to request a demo, you can contact us here or give us a call at 855-357-9249!